A Year Without Presents? Santa Needs Navigation, Too!

NNG is ready to help anyone in need of customized navigation solutions. Even Santa Claus…

Everyone knows that a man in a big red suit hops in a sleigh each December to deliver toys to children around the globe. But, did you hear about his trouble? He almost wasn’t able to make the journey this year!

Fortunately, one of the biggest points of pride at NNG is our ability to make customized solutions for anyone that needs them. It doesn’t even matter whether the vehicle is measured in horse power or reindeer power.

Don’t take it from me, though, check out this video to see what happened:

Watch video

This isn’t the first time we’ve had dealings with the jolly old elf. We’ve crossed paths with him for several years, and we’ve developed quite a special relationship.

So if you see a reindeer-driven sleigh fly by this month, you can be sure that the driver isn’t lost!

Ho ho ho, and Happy Holidays!


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