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A six-word short story exploring the future of vehicle user experience in a more user-focused, convenient and personalized world.

This post is the second in a series of short, six-word stories designed as thought starters. Each story explores a separate element of NNG’s expertise: Automotive Cyber Security, Vehicle User Experience, and Location-Based Services.

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User-Focused Design is the Future

Imagining the vehicle user experience (UX) of the future is an exciting exercise. We can’t say for certain how connectivity and automation are going to change the way we interact with our vehicles, but we can make some educated guesses. What is clear is that the future design of vehicles, and how we interact with them is going to be heavily influenced by how they integrate with our existing digital ecosystems.

From our music and movie playlists to our preferred departure times and navigation route settings, personalization is set to impact how vehicles are designed in a big way. And it’s not just about the mirroring of phone screens or apps or linking smart devices. Those programs, apps and features that are part of our home and work lives must be integrated seamlessly into our vehicles.

If these solutions are to be successful, and not just junk that’s never used, they must be equal to or better than what we have outside of the vehicle – and capturing the eyes of future passengers is important. As automated vehicles become more common, and drivers eventually become passengers, it will be important for future revenue models that passenger attention is captured by the vehicle, and not by other screens. What good is suggested advertising if it’s embedded in a sub-par system no one ever uses?

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“Summoned by customer. Synchronize profile settings.”

In this six-word story, one customer has just exited a summoned, shared, semi-autonomous MaaS vehicle and is walking the last-mile to work. Meanwhile another customer, in a different location, has summoned the same vehicle. On-route it adapts to that customer’s preferences.

In the image above, the skin color of the vehicle has changed according to the customer’s profile settings or subscription level. Certainly, this technology is pure sci-fi. But what is possible is the storage of customer preferences. Whether for cluster display, seat position, music, aircon level, mirror angle, the list is endless. These kinds of settings can be held in a profile, and when the vehicle recognizes the customer it automatically adapts.

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