Enhance Customer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty with Navigation Updates

Do you realize the risks you're taking by not giving customers access to updated maps?

Did you hear about the woman from the USA who followed the instructions of her car navigation, even though it led her straight into a lake? We are almost certain that she wasn’t a loyal customer of that car brand after that experience.

Navigation systems were developed to provide a better driving experience, while also making driver’s lives easier and more comfortable by leading them to their destination safely. But, the above example shows that outdated maps can easily ruin that idyllic world. Sometimes the time gap between producing the car and rolling it out from the dealership may be much longer than expected, therefore the initial factory navigation map can easily be obsolete. Unfortunately, it often happens that new car buyers are not aware of the possibility to update, or in even worse cases, the dealers aren’t either. As the car gets older, the navigation data becomes outdated as well, because – like it or not – the road network is changing. New roads are built, others become one way, traffic signs change, and streets are renamed. For the sake of their own safety & comfort, new car owners should be aware that updating the outdated map is as much necessary as changing the oil or checking the tire pressure in the car. Navigation as part of Infotainment systems is becoming more and more a central part of the vehicles, and soon they are bound to become unique selling points during car purchasing.

NNG provides map update services for car owners and drivers. It also thrives to educate them and highlight the importance of map updates. To do a successful job, NNG has a dedicated team who work very closely with OEMs and Tier 1 partners to reach out to the customers, and to make them conscious about map update possibilities. To further facilitate that, NNG prepares various videos to educate customers, initializes dealer programs, and promotes new maps by direct email campaigns, just to mention a few. NNG believes that the map update should be a well-communicated service just like any other maintenance work in the car or under the hood. The navigation system is an essential part of the car, so if there is a problem with it, drivers will complain to the car manufacturer in the dealerships.  This is likely to contribute to a negative user experience, which can eventually influence  their next car purchase.

On the other hand, it’s not just about brand loyalty. By using the latest maps, conscious users can save time and avoid stress which can lead to a higher level customer satisfaction. Moreover, by finding a shorter route, navigation updates can reduce both fuel consumption and CO2 emission.

Watch a short story about John who has already recognized the importance of regular map update:

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If you would like to have and retain fully satisfied customers, Navigation and its regular update should be an important service next to standard maintenance.


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