Tamas Kerecsen Chief Technology Officer

Tamas Kerecsen is NNG’s CTO. He oversees the roadmap of NNG’s long-term technology development, ensuring that efficient and effective best practices are used in creating new innovations that put NNG ahead of the industry curve. Tamas also previously held roles at NNG as Principal Engineer of China/Japan/Korea core products, Division Leader, and Release Manager. His responsibilities included developing the company’s reference software offerings (iGO8, iGO amigo, and iGO primo), defining feature specification, working on the China variant of iGO8, and most notably, leading the requirement analysis and product development of the reference navigation software offering for China, Japan, and Korea. Before starting at NNG, he also held the position of Lead Software Engineer at both GE OEC Healthcare and GE Healthcare. He graduated with an MSc in Technical Informatics (Computer Science and Electrical Engineering) at Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

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Thomas Denton Software Engineering Director

Thomas is the Software Engineering Director at NNG. With units in both the US and Hungary, he manages the company’s consulting engineering team, working on rapid prototyping solutions for automotive partners. Thomas has seventeen years experience designing, managing, and delivering advanced software solutions and has been involved in the creation of user interface applications such as satellite radio, navigation, rear seat entertainment, and automotive prototype UX systems.  

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Péter Szelei Manager, Business Development

Péter is a manager in the Business Development team focusing on new partners and customers, mainly in the North American market, based out of NNG’s Metro Detroit office. He also coordinates market intelligence related activities through which he and his team support strategic planning. Before moving to the US, Péter also the led Pre-Sales Engineering and Sales Operations teams from Budapest.

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Péter Imre Project Portfolio Manager

Péter joined NNG as a Project Manager in 2011. Along with several other projects, he spent 3 years leading a large, line-fit truck project. Now he is the Project Portfolio Manager in PMO, and his main role is to analyze the projects from a strategic and financial point of view.

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Tibor Nagy Global Account Director

Tibor is a global account director and has worked at NNG since 2011. He’s responsible for key partners – and their projects – globally. He also helps with the development of sales activities.

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Ziv Levi CEO, Arilou Cyber Security (part of NNG Group)

Ziv is the CEO of Arilou Cyber Security (part of NNG Group). He is a cyber-security specialist with years of management and hands-on experience in the field, which includes security-oriented research of complex systems, development of innovative security products' prototypes, and research of advanced cyber security mechanisms. He was recognized in the top 40 under 40 promising and influential managers of Israel by Globes business magazine.

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Ádám Siegler Product Manager

Ádám is one of NNG’s Lead Product Managers, as well as the head of the Product Planning and Operations Team. His responsibility, along with his team, is to set up and operate the cross-functional product management framework, and to facilitate the planning, execution, and communication of the product innovation strategies.

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Márton Moldovai Legal Advisor

Márton is a Legal Advisor at NNG. He is responsible for supporting the Services Business Unit with delivering various update solutions for NNG’s partners and end users around the world. He is also involved and specialized in supporting NNG’s activities in the CJK Region.

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Patrik Putz Creative Services Manager

Patrik is the Creative Services Manager at NNG, and he is responsible for the brand identity. He leads key projects aimed at developing the image of the company inside and outside of the office - both in Hungary and around the world.

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Zoltán Juricskay Product Manager

As a Product Manager at NNG, Zoltán follows market trends, draws up company strategies, and breaks them down to individual features mapped on a quarterly-updated roadmap.

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András Csepinszky Director of Advanced Automotive Technology

András is the director of Advanced Automotive Technology at NNG. He is the chair of the TISA’s Business Analysis Working Group, and task force leader at Open Auto Drive Forum. He is actively contributing to different automotive standardizations, such as NDS. Previously, András worked as Project Manager at ERTICO ITS-Europe, and as Partnership Manager, External Affairs, and Standardisation Manager at Ygomi Europe. He is passionate about autonomous driving, smart mobility, and the legislation of this new area.

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Zoltán Csaba Senior Product Strategist

Zoltán is a senior strategy expert at NNG, who is finding creative and innovative solutions to complex problems in a variety of different realms such as business strategy, product marketing & development and market research. He is enthusiastic about the business and social impact of disruptive technologies such as self-driving cars, smart mobility, and IoT.

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Tamás Fitos Partner Communication Specialist

Tamás is a Partner Communication Specialist at NNG. His main mission is to reach potential customers via different online and offline B2B2C communication channels. This is done in cooperation with automotive partners to make sure everyone is informed about navigation update possibilities and offers which can lead to a higher level driving experience.

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Beáta Smiljanic-Kókai Partner Communication Specialist

Beáta is a Partner Communication Specialist at NNG. Her main mission is to reach potential customers via different online and offline B2B2C communication channels. This is done in cooperation with automotive partners to make sure everyone is informed about navigation update possibilities and offers which can lead to a higher level driving experience.

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Iván Szkiba Lead Architect

Iván is a Lead Architect in the Services Business Unit of NNG. He started his career as teacher, so he enjoys sharing information in special ways. At NNG, he is responsible for „connected services” and „update solutions” system architecture, which are areas he’s been working on since 2007.

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Zoltán Tompos Product Management / Navigation UX Team

Zoltán is the Navigation UX Team Leader. The team’s goal is to design and deliver proper HMI specifications that incorporate all requested navigation features focusing on humans behind the wheel. In other words, they try to keep it simple and safe.

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Tünde Szabó UX Researcher

Tünde is a UX Researcher at NNG. She uses her experience of usability testing with eye tracking to help Product Managers and UX Designers literally see things from the point of view of the users.

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Zoltán Császár Product Manager

Zoltán is a Product Manager at NNG. He is responsible for finding out which navigation software features will help drivers find their way in countries where streets don’t even have names.

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Alex Hoskinson PR Specialist

Alex is a PR Specialist at NNG. He spends his days helping make sure the outside world knows what’s going on in the company, as well as keeping NNG employees up to date on all the internal news.

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Péter Krómer Partner Manager

Peter is a Partner Manager at NNG. He is responsible for ferreting out third-party companies which are able to fill in the existing feature gaps of NNG’s current product portfolio.

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